:About Our Company

“Sobhan Tarabar Asia” international freight forwarding limited liability company was founded in 2013, registration number - 446951. Since then, we have been expanding our presence in the field of international cargo transportation in the region and abroad, and provide transit services through the port of Bandar Abbas, Iran to the countries: Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq (Kurdistan region), Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan. Our professional team consists of experienced freight forwarders and logisticians who work together to ensure seamless communication and coordination, resulting in high quality services. We have a significant number of container trucks, fuel tankers and tent trucks, as well as other types of transport to meet the needs of our customers.
Our organizational mission is to provide fast and quality services while prioritizing environmental protection in our international transport activities. We strive to exceed customer expectations and avoid any financial loss by fully understanding the types of products/goods we handle. Through our combined efforts, we conduct research for the benefit of our clients and encourage our partners and clients to follow the fundamental criteria set out in our rules and regulations.
Other criteria by which our company may offer you services and activities include:
Honesty and mutual trust *
*Conscientiousness in performing assigned duties.
*Increasing customer knowledge by offering suitable logistics consulting services.
*Prevention of unprofessional activities.
*Better fulfillment of assumed obligations and responsibilities.
*Creating appropriate relationships with clients by executing a plan called client assessment.
* Respect for the people in this industry, especially the drivers who are constantly involved.
“Sobhan Tarabar Asia” international freight forwarding Co. LTD, offers the following services:
*Land transport services (auto, railway)
*Sea freight transportation (container and general cargo)
*Customs clearance services (regarding import and export from/to Iran)
* Services for the transportation of heavy cargo (oversized cargo)
*Services for the shipment of petroleum products and liquefied gas LPG
*Refrigerated vehicle services
*Car carrier services